Andrea Arcello - Doll Artist

The Artist

Andrea Arcello’s ability to capture the unguarded expressions of little ones has resulted in doll collectors nation wide acknowledging her talent as a sculptor.

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Doll Types Available

  • Vinyl doll kits – Make your own Arcello baby! Doll kits are vinyl doll parts in which you are the artist. You complete the doll. There are many sites and videos to show you how to “Reborn” your own baby! Prices start at $89.99
  • Vinyl finished dolls- Vinyl dolls that come completely hand painted and dressed in a beautiful outfit. Prices start at $159.99
  • Silicone limited edition dolls- Platinum silicone dolls made to your specifications. You pick the hair, skin, and eye color! These dolls are finished from head to toe by the artist. Prices start at $1700.00.
  • One of a kind portrait doll – You could have a replica portrait doll made of you or your loved one just like “Little O” was made from pictures of Oprah. Prices start at $2,000 – $20,000 depending on size and options.